Wainwright Prize 2021

Named after nature writer Alfred Wainwright, the prizes are awarded to the work which best reflects Wainwright’s core values and include a celebration of nature and our natural environment or a warning of the dangers to it across the globe.


Feel free to browse the two shortlists - UK Nature Writing and Writing on Global Conservation. For more info, click here!

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The UK Nature Writing Shortlist

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Thin Places, Kerri Ní Dochartaigh - The Wild Silence, Raynor Winn - The Screaming Sky, Charles Foster - Seed to Dust, Mark Hamer - I Belong Here, Anita Sethi - Featherhood, Charlie Gilmour - English Pastoral, James Rebanks

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Writing on Global Conservation Shortlist

Islands of Abandonment, Cal Flyn - A Life on Our Planet, David Attenborough - Net Zero, Dieter Helm - Entangled Life, Merlin Sheldrake - Fathoms: The World in the Whale, Rebecca Giggs - Under a White Sky, Elizabeth Kolbert