'As good as ever. Reading his prose is like running a slow hand down cold silk.' - Stephen King


In Hannibal Lecter, Thomas Harris revealed the face of true evil.


In Cari Mora, he reveals the face of ultimate courage.


Somewhere, buried beneath the Miami Beach waterfront, lies millions of dollars in cartel gold. On its trail is the ruthless, twisted Hans-Peter Schneider. Standing in his way is a woman born to survive.


His first stand alone novel in over four decades, Cari Mora marks the welcome return of a true master of the craft. With both Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs, Thomas Harris delivered thrillers that rewrote the genre and transformed popular culture with the creation of the brilliant, psychopathic cannibal, Hannibal Lecter.


Cari Mora pushes the bar even higher, plunging the reader into the depraved universe of Schneider and the iron will of Cari Mora, a young woman who will risk everything to protect what is hers.


Publisher: Cornerstone 
ISBN: 9781787463257 

Cari Mora

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