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Collapse Feminism analyses how conservative and anti-feminist ideas are filtered through social media, and how we can collectively fight back against them to reclaim our future online.

Collapse has become the framework through which we write, debate, theorise, and therefore make society. It establishes a fertile ground for the development of conservative ideas in mainstream discourse since, in times of fear, people are more likely to turn in on themselves, their families, and look back for answers.

Covering everything from the reactionary politics of the “manosphere” to that of sexual liberation, including hookup culture, traditional femininity, and self-help lifestyle content, Collapse Feminism shows how the future of feminism is being determined in these online spaces, and what this means for women in the twenty-first century.

As conservative and anti-feminist political groups grow in popularity online and in the real world, it is urgent that we fight against the paralyzing power of the collapse discourse and explore bold new ways of being and making society.

Collapse Feminism: The Online Battle for Feminism's Future

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