"Fast, slick and acerbically funny: buckle up and enjoy the ride." -- The Guardian


It all starts in an overcrowded prison, where Diego is being held on a charge of kidnapping. Diego's lawyer, the fastidious Antinucci, secures Diego's release. But the lawyer has plans for his client, whose unexpected freedom comes at a price: he must join forces with a brutal psychopath, the Hobo, and hold up an armoured truck. A hilarious caper ensues, as the robbery swiftly degenerates into mayhem and violence.

While the men appear to be engaged in a perverse competition to see who is the most incompetent, the disparaged women - Ursula Lopez, an amateur criminal with an insatiable appetite, and her rival, Captain Leonilda Lima - reveal themselves to be the true protagonists. This seemingly classic lowlife crime story has a powerful message: never, ever underestimate the women.


  • Publisher : Bitter Lemon Press (14 Jan. 2021)
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1913394431

Crocodile Tears

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