Join two friends as they journey through the seasons together, through birthdays and dark patches, daily chores and spontaneous treats. Although they are both quite different, Emmett and Caleb are very close friends – next door neighbours, in fact! Unsurprisingly, they spend most of the year together. Emmett wakes up bright and early, but Caleb likes to watch the stars and sleep all morning. This doesn’t stop them doing plenty together. But when friends are so close, there can often be problems with communication.


This beautiful picture book is about the many forms of friendships there are between creatures, and the many ways of expressing this friendship.



A beautiful story following an unusual friendship between two creatures who, despite their differences, find so much to enjoy together in every season of the year {My Book Corner} 


There are some very subtle clues throughout the story (such as a rainbow coloured cake, the tentative holding of hands, the mirroring of the patterns on their clothing and the sharing of some lovely, personal poems) that suggested to me that Emmett and Caleb are very much in love. {The Reading Realm}

Emmett and Caleb

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