As part of the very first South Asian Literary Festival, we bring this session on 'Literary Translations' with Meena Kandasamy and Arunava Sinha in conversation. This will be followed by a Q&A with the audience. Thursday 28th May, 5pm


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Meena Kandasamy has actively sought to combine her love for the written word with the struggle for social justice through poetry, translation, fiction and essays for the last fifteen years.


Longlisted for the Swansea University International Dylan Thomas Prize 2020


Karim and Maya:

[x] share a home 
[x] worry about money 
[x] binge-watch films 
[x] argue all the time


Karim, a young film-maker, carries with him the starry-eyed dreams of the Arab Revolution. Maya carries her own pressing concerns: an errant father, an unstable job, a chain-smoking habit, a sudden pregnancy. When Karim's brother disappears in Tunis, and Karim wants to go after him, Maya must choose between her partner and her home city, her future and her history...


In a conversation between forms, fictions and truths, Exquisite Cadavers is a novel about a young couple navigating love in London, and a literary hall of mirrors about an author navigating the inspirations behind her work.


Publisher: Atlantic Books 
ISBN: 9781786499653 


Exquisite Cadavers (Hardback)


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