Fox knows that Goldfish is very unwell. Before it’s too late, he takes his friend on an epic adventure beyond the fishbowl. Together they take a splash in the ocean, go for a bike ride in the Grand Canyon, admire the view of Mount Fiji, explore the jungle, go skiing an d even make it to the moon. Then time has come for Fox to let go of Goldfish. At least he’s shown him the entire world. 


Some things – like friendship, farewells, and the beauty of the world – are almost beyond words.



Letting go and loss is dealt with in a subtle way emphasising the importance of friendship, a celebration of life and having wonderful memories. A beautiful and timeless picture book. {Outside in World}


In this memorable book, many things are said in almost no words at all. {Iona McLaren at The Telegraph}


Children’s books that tackle a subject such as bereavement are hard to get right: this one does it beautifully, relying largely on visuals with just a minimum of words. {Red Reading Hub}

Fox & Goldish