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'There's something special about it: the storytelling is unique, so exciting, so kinetic. Even though it's in your ears, you feel like you're walking along with George.' -- Candice Carty-Williams

'[George's podcast] blows through the medium's newly established boundaries, offering an experience as innovative as it is undefinable.' -- New Yorker

'A genre-defying piece of audio that pushes the limits of what a podcast can be.' -- New York Times

'There can't be many people out there who don't think George the Poet is a bit of a genius.' -- Charlie Phillips, Guardian


For fans of the critically-acclaimed, award-winning podcast Have You Heard George's Podcast?, a stunning collection of the scripts of the podcast, plus bonus material from George the Poet.

There's nothing quite like Have You Heard George's Podcast?. Listeners and critics have struggled to fit it into just one neat category, jumping as it does between autobiography, fiction and social commentary, often in a single episode - and virtually all of it performed in spellbinding rhyming verse.

And now the complete scripts of Chapters One, Two and Three are available to enjoy, along with new writing by George. This collection allows fans to read (and re-read) his words, and with new extra insights and commentary on each episode and Chapter.

In the book, just as in the podcast, George The Poet delivers an incredibly powerful and unique perspective on politics, modern society, history and current affairs through the art of storytelling, speculative fiction and spoken word. The book also offers a deeply personal summation of George's observations, experiences and vision for the future. Whilst his narrative takes us all around the world, the ultimate ambition is to empower the next generation, starting with his community.

Have You Read George’s Podcast? - with SIGNED bookplate

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£12.50Sale Price
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