'Enthralling... sharp and true' C PAM ZHANG, author of How Much of These Hills is Gold
'A much needed voice... reaches across the globe and across the years' BIDISHA
'Compellingly complex... Expands the future of the immigrant novel' NEW YORK TIMES
'Stunning... explores the intricate ways that grief, identity, sacrifice, and love all weave together to create a bond between mother and daughter' REFINERY 29

On the night of the Tiananmen Square massacre, a woman gives birth alone in a Beijing hospital. Years later, her daughter Liya travels from America to China with her mother's ashes, hoping to unravel the legacy of silences and contradictions that she inherited from that night.

As Liya seeks to untangle the mystery of her family, we travel through Shanghai and Beijing, and deep into the past, uncovering an unexpected love triangle whose repercussions are felt in the present moment.

Ambitious yet intimate, Little Gods is a gripping story of migrations both literal and emotional, and of the tragic impact of history on personal lives.

Little Gods