Exam board: AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Eduqas; Cambridge Assessment International Education
Level & Subject: GCSE 9-1 English Literature; IGCSE Literature in English
First teaching: September 2015; September 2018
First examination: June 2017; June 2020


This edition of Macbeth is perfect for GCSE-level students, with the complete play in an accessible format, on-page notes, introduction setting the context, timeline, character and theme indexes.


  • Affordable high quality complete play for Macbeth, ideal for GCSE 9-1 and IGCSE
  • Demystify vocabulary with notes on the page and concise commentary
  • Set the scene with perfectly pitched introductions that introduce key contexts, concerns and stylistic features, and examine different performances and interpretations
  • Recall plot summaries at the beginning of each scene
  • Support GCSE revision and essay writing with theme and character indexes
  • Help students with social, historical and literary context with the bespoke timeline of Shakespeare’s life and times

Macbeth (Collins Classroom Classics)

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