'Touches on themes of loss, friendship, and belonging in this appealing tale' - Kirkus Reviews

'Creech's spare narrative creates vivid, emotion-packed images of landscapes, characters, and "that wild-eyed heifer," Zora, that will stay with readers'  - Publishers Weekly


The story of a two children displaced from the city and forced to adapt to a new home and all the challenges that this brings (including a menagerie of animals), from a multi-award-winning author.


Following a family move to Maine, twelve-year-old Reena has no idea what to expect.

She hopes it's going to be beaches, blueberries and all the lobster she can eat. She certainly doesn't expect to suddenly be put in charge of a menagerie of animals, belonging to the irascible Mrs Falala, who not only has a fast-wheeling pig, a secretive snake, but the most ornery cow she ever thought to meet.


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