If Nema can't uncover a lost boy's true identity in time they may never escape the sticky world he designed...

When Nema and her friends discover a hidden sugar-hooked society holding lost kids, they find their perfect world in danger. The strange, sticky place hides the truth about Nema's missing brother, and a plot to destroy the free life she knows. But only they can reverse a code to prevent a rock candy robot invasion and rescue the captives. Fail and they might never make it back home.

'Moojag is a fun science fiction tale that has a serious message about people who are different. The surprise ending will really make you think.' TEMPLE GRANDIN

'This spunky, exuberant celebration of neurodivergent creativity and community delivers sobering cautionary messages about our collective future that could not be more timely.' STEVE SILBERMAN

Moojag and the Auticode Secret