The ups and down of three plucky factory girls, set against the backdrop of the Britain's best loved wrapped chocolate


The Quality Street Factory is fizzing with the news that the King and Queen and the two young princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret Rose, are going to visit the Mackintosh Factory where the country's favourite chocolate is made. The factory floor is heady with excitement but plans are dealt a blow when a much-loved staff member is the victim of a poisoning incident.


Everyone is under suspicion, which only adds to Reenie Calder's woes, anxious that her new promotion has only made her stick out even more like a sore thumb. Can she and her friends, Mary and Diana, get their heads together and find the malicious troublemaker before something unthinkable happens?


Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers 
ISBN: 9780008307806 

Mothers of Quality Street - signed and dedicated on request


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