Nominated for The Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction 2016

Within what Tracy K. Smith in The New York Times described as a ‘deeply honest and troubling’ account, Negroland; a Memoir opens an unflinching, introspective eye on the American black bourgeoisie experience.

Far more a state of mind than any true geographic location, the ‘negroland’ of Margo Jefferson’s title describes a condition of relative African-American privilege, the social strata she herself was born into. It is a brilliant, freewheeling account – bearing the ‘experimental and experiential quality of jazz,’ as The Guardian put it – pulling in all manner of panoptic moment. From the energies of the civil rights movement through to the fallacies of post-racial America, at every turn Jefferson applies her Pulitzer-winning vision to extraordinary effect. It’s an extraordinary social kaleidoscope and perfectly timed for the America emerging today.


'…Bold and defiant… has the experimental and experiential quality of jazz.'

Colin Grant – The Guardian


Publisher: Granta Books 
ISBN: 9781783783397 

Negroland: a Memoir

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