From the prize-winning author of To Be a Machine - meet the men and women preparing for the end of the world


In the end, O’Connell does cheer up, reminding himself that the miracle of life itself is an “outrageous repudiation of the odds”… But if coronavirus does prove to be the apocalypse, buy this book first. At least you’ll die laughing.’ -The Sunday Telegraph


In the remote mountains of Scotland, in high-tech bunkers in South Dakota and in the lush valleys of New Zealand, small groups of determined men and women are getting ready. They are environmentalists who fear the ravages of climate change; billionaire entrepreneurs dreaming of life on Mars; and right-wing conspiracists yearning for a lost American idyll.


One thing unites them: their certainty that we are only years away from the end of civilization as we know it. Not unconcerned himself by the possibility of the end of days, Mark O'Connell set out to meet them.


Publisher: Granta Books 
ISBN: 9781783784066 

Notes from an Apocalypse: A Personal Journey to the End of the World and Back


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