Raven, Crayfish and Horse have always been best friends. They’re grown up now and would like to start a family. They want all their families to live together and start planning to build a house. But what should that house look like? Will they find a solution that works for all of them?


A universal story about compromise and collaboration for young readers



The power of the story lies in the simplicity of its telling: that, and the absolutely superb, vibrant illustrations make for a strikingly beautiful book. {Red Reading Hub} 


Juris Petraskevics’ illustrations have a wonderful dream-like quality – flowing shapes of trees and rivers, fish and flowers, glow in rich orange-reds, warm yellow-golds and deep blue-greens. Perfectly partnered, Inese Zandere’s text has a poetic quality – it is distilled and rhythmic, and highlighted with heart-warming moments. {Armadillo Magazine} 


A great story for encouraging children to discuss compromise, the importance of recognising your own needs whilst valuing those of others and respecting differences between friends, 'One House for All' is beautifully produced and offers something just a little different! {North Somerset Teachers' Book Award} 


One House for All is a sumptuous picture book with a deceptively simple storyline that draws attention to the value of enduring friendships, the importance of considering one’s own needs and the needs of others, and the ability to accommodate individual differences. {Planet Picture Book}

One House For All

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