A candid exploration of the state of outrage in our culture, and how we can channel it back into the fights that matter, from presenter and DJ Ashley 'Dotty' Charles.


'A great read . . . Charles is very funny, but the irreverent and chatty tone leads you to important ponderings . . . Outraged is a study of flash activism and why it doesn't last, and its message is rendered all the more relevant for it being published in the midst of a flash of activism that simply must' - The Times


Ours is a society where many exploit the outrage of others in order to gain power - and we all too quickly take the bait. But by shouting about everything, we are in fact creating a world where outrage is without consequence. There is still much to be outraged by in our final frontier, but in order to enact change and become more effective online, we must learn to channel our responses.


This is the essential guide to living through the age of outrage.


Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 
ISBN: 9781526605030 



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