Join Explore and York Literature Festival in a joint event to celebrate the launch of Tim Murgatroyd’s new dystopian novel, Pilgrim Lost.


Fri, 27 November 2020

18:30 – 19:30 GMT


Author Tim Murgatroyd will be talking to Rob O’Connor, Chair of York Literature Festival, about his new dystopian novel, Pilgrim Lost (Book 2 of the Pilgrim Trilogy).


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Signed and dedicated 


Five years have passed since Michael Pilgrim defeated ruthless Pharaoh Jacko. All goes well in Baytown. Even the Five Cities seem to have lost interest in driving 'primitives' to extinction.


But storms gather . . .


Michael Pilgrim is lost, hundreds of miles from home. His one ally: a dangerous enemy. Can they survive with half Scotland baying at their heels?


Seth Pilgrim is lost, a slave and an outcast. His sole reason to live is revenge. Then chance encounters challenge him to live better in a world of grotesque change.


Averil Pilgrim and Helen Devereux are lost, drawn into the deranged politics of the Five Cities. Can they find their way home?


PILGRIM LOST is the poetic second book in the epic Pilgrim Trilogy set in a frightening and plausible future. A world of bizarre characters blighted by humanity's folly, where hope never dies.

Pilgrim Lost (The Pilgrim Trilogy II) - Signed and dedicated


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