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Anne Boleyn - an illustrated biography, with paper doll for collectors to colour and enjoy


Professor Suzannah Lipscomb reveals,”What a fun and beautiful gift for Anne Boleyn fans! But what is unexpectedly joyful about it is how elegantly and intelligently the commentaries are written, how scholarly the research that underpins them, and what empathy and imagination they show…”


Built upon research from Professor Lipscomb as well as Professor Eric Ives, Dr. Owen Emmerson and many more, this illustrated biography contains current, in-depth information as well as detailed drawings from ten key events in Anne Boleyn’s life. It is designed to colour and imagine, or simply to read and explore. 


Drawn from an original Holbein sketch and checked against the only known contemporary likeness of Anne Boleyn (the Moost Happi Portrait Medal), this book comes with a QR code to enable customising your doll to fit your favorite representation of Anne from popular culture or portraiture (such as the Hever Rose portrait or Nidd hall).


Ultimately, this unique biography opts as a lovely display, complete with historical quotes and elegant period dresses—Including Anne’s vibrant life abroad before entering Henry VIII’s Court.


Dr. Owen Emmerson, Supervisor at Hever Castle notes in the foreword, "This rich and thoughtful exploration of Anne Boleyn is the perfect way to reflect on her life, explore her character, and recreate in colourful focus the style and image that captivated a kingdom, and which beguiles us still”.



About the Author 

Rebecca Money is a writer and illustrator who grew up in the state of Maryland in the U.S.  She received a degree in illustration and for nearly twenty years, created custom murals in private homes in Atlanta, Georgia. She has spent the last fifteen as a mother and writer. Her mural clients used to jokingly call her “Rebecca Monet”.  It wasn’t until her last year of painting murals when her father discovered, through a genealogy-fascinated cousin, her clients were not off the mark.  She has since adopted “Rebecca Monet” as her pen name.  A perennial student at heart, she loves writing, art, history, flamenco and going really fast on carting tracks.  “I think Anne would have especially loved the latter and I enjoy the thought of seeing her, French hood flying, as she beats everyone else to the finish line" ~ RM

Anne Boleyn - an illustrated biography

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