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SIGNED plus blue sprayed edges

Babylonia Hardcover by Costanza Casati 


*PRE-ORDER the dazzling new tale of a female warrior queen from Times bestselling author COSTANZA CASATI (Clytemnestra) and dive into an ancient world of that has long since turned to dust*


'Vivid with fury, passion and strength, this is a fabulous myth retelling' JENNIFER SAINT

'A blaze of a novel, fiery and furious - and alight with murderous revenge' DAILY MAIL

'A powerhouse of a novel. Clytemnestra's rage, heartbreak and determination radiate off the page' ELODIE HARPER

'A thrilling tale of power and prophecies, and the fierce Queen who fought back at those who wronged her' COSMOPOLITAN, 'The best books to look forward to in 2023'


You are orphaned and raised on the outskirts of an empire, born into a life of toil and anonymity. But dreams of power and potential course through your veins.

You're strong, cunning and quick... and hungry for more.

If you want the world to know your name, you will have to chart your path from your village of shadows and dust to the hallowed halls your emperors walk.

Legend has it you will rise from nothing to rule kingdoms and command armies.

But how far will you go to claim a throne no one promised you?

And what are you prepared to sacrifice along the way?



Babylonia - SIGNED + sprayed edge

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