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Based on the incredible true story of The Great Stork Derby, Prize Women is a profoundly moving novel that sheds light on a scandalous moment in history just as relevant today

'Gorgeous. Prize Women took my breath away. I haven't stopped thinking about it' JENNIFER SAINT
'Wonderfully evocative and intelligent. Sheds light on a scandalous moment in history I knew nothing about, told with great sensitivity and grace. I was entranced' EMMA STONEX
'Fascinating historical fiction with a feminist slant' GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

Toronto, 1926

A childless millionaire leaves behind an astonishing will: the recipient of his fortune will be decided in a contest known as 'The Great Stork Derby'. His money will go to the winner: the woman who bears the most children in the ten years after his death.

Lily di Marco is young, pregnant, and terrified of her husband. Fleeing to Toronto, she arrives on the doorstep of glamorous free spirit Mae Thebault. At a time when men hold all the power, Lily and Mae look out for each other. But as their friendship grows, Lily wonders if there's more to Mae - and her past - than she has been told . . .

And as the Great Depression bites, the Stork Derby contest - with its alluring prize - proves too good to ignore for Lily and Mae, each living hand to mouth.

These best friends are now fierce rivals. But if only one woman can win, what will the contest cost the other?

'This tale of two women resonates with what is happening in the world today. I was gripped by Lily and Mae's story, the desperate choices that women still face' LOUISE HARE

'A serious, thoughtful and epic journey into the trials of motherhood . . . With her contrasting female characters, Lea interrogates the fight for female agency across class divides, a struggle that continues to this day. A fascinating snapshot of another time, perhaps not as far removed from our own as we might hope' JANICE HALLET

'A profoundly moving and absolutely gripping novel about the choices women face - and the choices they are denied. I cannot recommend it highly enough' ELODIE HARPER

'Masterful. Caroline Lea is a superb storyteller, and Prize Women deserves a huge readership. So good, I had to pull myself away' ELIZABETH MACNEAL



Prize Women

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