An invigorating journey through Britain's prehistoric landscape, and an insight into the lives of its inhabitants


From the critically acclaimed author of The Fens, a Radio 4 Book of the Week


In Scenes from Prehistoric Life, the distinguished archaeologist Francis Pryor paints a vivid picture of Britain's prehistory, from the Old Stone Age (about one million years ago) to the arrival of the Romans in AD 43, in a sequence of fifteen chronologically arranged portraits of specific ancient British landscapes.


Whether writing about the early human family who trod the estuarine muds of Happisburgh in Norfolk circa 900,000 BC or the Iron Age denizens of Britain's first towns, Pryor brings the ancient past to life: revealing the daily routines of our ancient ancestors, and how they coped with both simple practical problems and more existential challenges. Pryor also demonstrates the impact this rapid cultural evolution had on the landscape. We travel across four millennia, from a Britain dominated by forests, moors, heaths and open floodplains to a landscape recognisable to many people living today: one demarcated by roads, fields, farms and villages.


At a time when the relationship between lifestyle and landscape is more fraught than ever before, it is crucial to look to the past to inform our present, and to help us to cope with the challenges of the future.

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