Winner of the Premi Llibreter 2017
Winner of the Best Catalan Language Novel, 2017


“The streets offered Wielemann nothing but silence and stares. Now there were no more foreigners left, he felt more conspicuous than ever when he crossed paths with a local. His gut feeling was that he had no business being there and that his presence made no sense whatsoever, but that sensation was superseded by a much more powerful one, nurtured for years from a tender age: orders were to be taken seriously. Though merely verbal, he had received a clear and precise command. Special mission: don’t budge from this town.” 


In 1837, at the height of the Carlist wars, a young Prussian man named Rudolf von Wielemann heads South to fight for the ‘Order’. Finding himself left behind in the ruins of an abandoned city destroyed by war, he tentatively navigates his new surroundings in which his sense of self begins to distort and transform. A novel on place and (un)belonging, The Others masterfully intertwines humour and tragedy to explore Wielemann’s encounters with eccentric and enigmatic characters, and his unfamiliar surroundings. Garrigasait’s precise and intricately constructed prose, interspersed by beautifully lyrical passages on music and nature, invites readers to delve into reflections on family, politics, and place. 


“The Others forces us to leave our comfort zone, and to steer away from indifference, banality, and conformity. A magnificent book!” —Sam Abrams, El Mundo


“This fantastic book provides us with a reflection of our modern-day selves. The echoes with the present are so intense that it leaves you breathless after every phrase. The Others has the courage to force us to ask ourselves: ‘What skeletons lurk in our cupboards?’” —Toni Sala, Ara


“This majestic novel contains moments or tenderness, humour and violence. Garrigasait’s writing is both precise and totally brilliant, and allows us to take a closer look at a country and mentality that is still with us almost two centuries later.” —Jordi Puntí, El Periódico


“With The Others, Garrigasait submerges us is a lucid clarity that is nothing less that marvellous.” —Esteve Plantada, Nació Digital


The Others

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