'Strips away the encrusted hagiography that has developed around Alan Turing in recent years … a passionate argument for the lessons we should draw from his life and his extraordinary scientific achievements.' - Robert Hannigan, Former Director of GCHQ

Everyone knows the story of the codebreaker and computer science pioneer Alan Turing. Except …


When Dermot Turing is asked about his famous uncle, people want to know more than the bullet points of his life. They want to know everything – was Alan Turing actually a codebreaker? What did he make of artificial intelligence? What is the significance of Alan Turing’s trial, his suicide, the Royal Pardon, the £50 note and the film The Imitation Game?


In Reflections of Alan Turing, Dermot strips off the layers to uncover the real story. It’s time to discover a fresh legacy of Alan Turing for the twenty-first century.


  • Publisher : The History Press (22 April 2021)
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0750996099

Reflections of Alan Turing: A Relative Story