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Milo's a rhino.
He likes to do all sorts of rhino-y things . . .
He likes writing and climbing
and banister-sliding
and mountain bike riding,
he paints and he sings.

Milo just loves being a rhino - but there's one small problem . . . rhinos don't cry.
At least that's what Spike-O Mcree, his movie-star hero, always says. But when Milo meets Spike-O face to face, he finds out that not only is crying OK, it's also very brave!

This energetic and engaging rhyming story is the first in a series of books highlighting the importance of children expressing their feelings.

Mark Grist is a multi-award-winning poet and international battle rapper with over 40 million views for his poetry and rap videos online.

Rhinos Don't Cry

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