In 2016, Isabel Hardman's mind, in her own words, 'stopped working' as she fell prey to severe depression and anxiety. She took time off on long-term sick leave and despite several relapses has returned to work in much better health. She has since become one of the country's most prominent public voices on mental health issues.

She credits her recovery to her passion for exercise, nature and the great outdoors - from horse-riding and botany to cold-water swimming and running.


In The Natural Health Service, she will draw on her own personal experience, interviews with mental illness sufferers and psychologists, and the latest research to examine what role wildlife and fresh air can play in helping anyone cope with mental illness.


Straight-talking, thoroughly-researched, and compassionate, this important and often funny book will be fascinate anyone touched by a mental health condition, whether themselves or through the experiences of a loved-one.


Publisher: Atlantic Books 
ISBN: 9781786495907 

The Natural Health Service


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