Step into a world of secrets, folklore and illusions, where nothing is as it seems and magic is at play...


Leander is an orphan, making his way in the world on just his wits. So when he meets Madame Pinchbeck, a mysterious woman who promises to give him a job and a home in return for his mother’s precious locket, he leaps at the chance.

But Pinchbeck’s bargain isn’t a fair one. Instead she enchants the locket, turning it into a magical Cabinet and trapping Leander inside to be summoned and vanished at will.


And Leander isn’t the only child Pinchbeck has captured. Along with his new friends, Charlotte and Felix, Leander finds himself in a race against time to break Pinchbeck’s spell, before one of them vanishes forever...


A spellbinding debut from exciting new talent Jenni Spangler. Set to bewitch fans of Michelle Harrison, Emma Carroll and Sophie Anderson.


Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd 
ISBN: 9781471190377 

The Vanishing Trick


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