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'A gripping, intriguing and moving read' Anna Stuart, The Midwife of Auschwitz

Spring 1938: The Vienna Writers Circle meets at Café Mozart to share hopeful stories during a hopeless time. Mathias and Johannes - writers, cousins, and close as brothers - thrive within this creative group of friends.

But when the Nazis take over Austria, everything changes. With their families' lives now under threat, the men hide in plain sight using false identities. The safety of their loved ones and their writing is their only salvation.

A local policeman, Inspector Josef Weber, walks a dangerous line, helping 'hidden Jews' like Mathias and Johannes. But Weber faces conflicts of his own: having declared his love for a beautiful Romani-gypsy girl, Deya Reynes, he fears that she too will be sent to her death.

When all they have left is courage, will they survive?

'A story about loyalty love and courage. I highly recommend this page turner' Tova Friedman, The Daughter of Auschwitz

'An enticing account of Hitler's influence away from the battlefield... Terrifying and heart-breaking' Mandy Robotham, The Resistance Girl

'A compelling story of bravery, love and survival' Reviewer *****

'The twists and turns will keep you engrossed all the way through' Reviewer *****

The Vienna Writers Circle

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