Every Sunday Mrs Badger walks up the mountain near her house. She knows the name of every animal and every plant on the way and helps everyone in need. One particular Sunday she meets a little cat, Leo, who would like to join her on her journey. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and many more walks up the mountain. What will happen when Mrs Badger is too old to join Leo?

A heartwarming story about friendship and generosity, that will inspire you to explore the outdoors



I believe a picture book at its best will work as pure image with the text adding a further dimension to the experience, giving greater context and shape to the narrative. Dubuc has done this with aplomb tapping into some powerful universal emotions. {Karl Andy Foster for the AOI}


Translated from French, this is a gentle story of the passing on of knowledge, of leading younger people to being independent, as Mrs Badger leads Leo up the mountain of life, and when she can no longer help, he in turn helps another. {ReadPlus - Australia}

Up the Mountain