‘A feel-good story about how sometimes the best thing to do is just have faith that everything will work out in the end. It’s the story we all need right now’ – Popsugar


A cow looks out to sea, dreaming of a life that involves grass.


Jan is also looking out to sea. He’s in Goa, dreaming of the passport-thief who stole his heart (and his passport) forty-six years ago. Back then, fate kept bringing them together, but lately it seems to have given up.


Jan has not. In his long search he has accidentally held a whole town at imaginary gunpoint in Soviet Russia, stalked the proprietors of an international illegal lamp-trafficking scam and done his very best to avoid any kind of work involving the packing of fish. Now he thinks if he just waits, if he just does nothing at all, maybe fate will find it easier to reunite them.


His story spans fifty-four years, ten countries, two imperfect criminals (and one rather perfect one), twenty-two different animals and an annoying teenager who just…






But maybe an annoying teenager is exactly what Jan needs to help him find the missing thief?


Featuring a menagerie of creatures, each with its own story to tell, We Are Animals is a quirky, heart-warming tale of lost love, unlikely friendships and the certainty of fate (or lack thereof).


For the first time in her life the cow noticed the sun setting, and it was glorious.

We Are Animals