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I was born a farmer's daughter in rural East Yorkshire and it wasn't long before I discovered the joy of books and reading. I met Ed shortly after leaving high school and we have been together ever since, raising three sons: Jakob, Luke and Zach.

We spent many years residing in Leeds before finally settling in North Yorkshire, where I began my bookselling career in the much-loved and missed Borders in York. I moved on to Waterstones and was quickly promoted to Events Manager, spending 9 years working my socks off running their extensive events programme and earning a reputation amongst the publishing industry as a professional and passionate organiser.

Always proud (if not a little envious) of Ed for running his own company I decided that I would quite like a go myself and Fox Lane Books - named after the street we have lived on since 2000 - was born in 2019. My office is our family home where I spend my day with my three helpful assistants: my son Jakob, and my cats, Maui and Baobao, plus partner Ed giving up his time to be my local delivery driver! My other two sons - Luke and Zach - can often be seen helping out at Literary Festivals running the bookshop alongside me. It's a real family affair!

Fox Lane Books aims to deliver a well-organised, professional, and friendly service providing curated books and literature to both specialist events and the wider community through our online shop.

Kirstie x

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