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A Cat’s Tale will be the first true history of feline kind: our origins; our exploits; the evolution of our relationship with our human companions; and the surprising ways in which our history parallels that of humanity. Heretofore, our ambassadors to the human world have been fictitious, lumbering louts like Garfield - or real-life cats simply esteemed for being cute, such as Lil Bub. I’m here to tell you real cats do not hate Nermal or Mondays - we don’t use a weekly calendar at all. And real cats don’t pose for selfies. With A Cat’s Tale, I am here to correct the record and expose the reality of feline greatness.


Our story spans tens of thousands of miles and many thousands of years. It is a story that humanity has so far stubbornly refused to learn, ignored in favor of a fantasy history beginning with a lie: the absurd notion that you domesticated us. Really? If that’s what you believe, go find a bobcat and try.


From the prehistoric Felis (a large mammal from which all domestic cats have descended) to ancient Egyptian cat goddess, key cats of the Enlightenment to swashbuckling pirate felines and infamous American tabbies, the story of our kind is told here in its totality. And perhaps, dear reader, you will rightfully come to this book for the cats - but, I promise, you will walk away with a fun and interesting history lesson to boot.

A Cat's Tale - with SIGNED bookplates!

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