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Shortlisted for the Wingate Literary Prize

'A tremendous feat of storytelling, propelled by numerous twists and revelations, yet anchored by a deep moral seriousness . . . Enthralling' Guardian

Across the world the last Nazi trials are winding their way through the courts. Nearly a century on from the Holocaust, survivors are still asked to give proof - and, in an era of rising revisionism and denialism, have their stories questioned. In this spellbinding debut, Linda Kinstler investigates both her family story and the archives of ten nations to ask: what does it take to prove history in our uncertain century?

'Reminds us of the dangerous instability of truth and testimony' Anne Applebaum
'Outstanding' Philippe Sands, author of East West Street
'Astonishing' Patrick Radden Keefe, author of Empire of Pain



Come to This Court and Cry: Secrets and Survival at the Last Nazi Trials

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