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A sweeping and sumptuous historical epic from Hilary Jones.


The 1918 armistice has ended the war in Europe. But as the 1920's roars to life, it is an age of social change, excess, shellshock and ghosts.


Having shown courage and strength on the battlefield, Will and Grace are back in the UK and working at the cutting edge of modern medicine. At every turn they see a country in flux.


Many of their contemporaries are following serious paths, committing to causes of the day – workers' rights, votes for women, an independent Ireland.


Others seek refuge in more earthly and bohemian pleasures. But as young parents and practising medics, they have – more than anything – duties of care and compassion that cannot be ignored.


The follow-up to Hilary Jones's acclaimed debut novel, Frontline, perfect for fans of Ken Follett, Kate Mosse and Jeffrey Archer.

Eye of the Storm

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£4.50Sale Price
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