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Award-winning groomer, TV personality and experienced dog handler Verity Hardcastle has compiled everything you need to know in this comprehensive dog-care manual: from choosing a breed, to practical diet and nutrition tips and knowing what to buy, to behaviour training and exercise advice... everything you need to fill life with fun and create a joyful friendship with your dog.

With a positive focus on mindfulness and wellbeing, Verity shares her expertise as a dog handler and reiki practitioner to help encourage a calm daily routine - this book includes mindful tips and techniques you can try at home or out on walks together. You will also discover how to communicate effectively with your dog, and learn beautiful bonding activities such as massage, meditation and 'doga' (or dog yoga) to build a warm and loving environment in which you can both thrive.
This is a must-have for anyone who wants to forge a lasting bond with their four-legged friend.

Make both your life and your pooch's happier than ever before!

'If you're considering getting a dog; or have one already and need some advice, this is a great book, full of useful, interesting and practical tips!'
- Julian Norton, aka The Yorkshire Vet, veterinary surgeon and author

'If you want to know all about your pooch - fetch this. Inspiring, warm and practical guide to cohabiting with your canine.'
- Russell Kane, comedian

'This book is full of practical, heartfelt advice for both new and experienced dog owners. Dogs have long been human's best friend and this book helps us to benefit even more from this relationship. Your furry friend will thank you!'
- The Reverend Canon Kate Bottley

Happy Dog, Happy You - SIGNED!

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