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'Keeping the House is such a bold and yet poignant read: musical, nimble, affectionate and (thank GOD) rule-breaking' --Lisa McInerney


'Written with immediacy and poignancy, this is a powerful debut from an exciting and compelling new voice, I loved it' --Salena Godden


'Tice Cin has arrived. With a style all her own and a confidence that radiates off each page, poetry that renders settings and characters incredibly vivid. No impression will escape you' --Derek Owusu


'Lyrical, memorable, pulsing with life, energy and sensation. I so admired its polyphonic ambitions and evocation of place--not to mention love. Her writing sticks in the mind like a thumbprint on glass' --Olivia Sudjic


'Thrums with feeling, illustrating the London community with a sharp and confident eye. Her characters are full and sure, and traverse their world with humor, boldness and love. Hope fills these pages' --Caleb Azumah Nelson


'A brilliantly enthralling read. Tice Cin's potent crime caper marks the arrival of an intoxicating new voice' --Irenosen Okojie


'A beautiful novel--forgiving, meandering and sexy. Tice Cin makes prose ooze and breathe and cook. Her multilingual Tottenham Turkish-Cypriot characters are real people to me now. I love Damla, Cemile and Ayla very much' --Yara Rodrigues Fowler


'Tice Cin is an enthralling voice' --Roger Robinson

Keeping the House

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