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A young Pakistani woman is the victim of an unthinkable act of vengeance, when she defies convention for love, facing seemingly insurmountable challenges and danger as she attempts to rebuild her life.
‘Stunning, shocking, compulsive reading … A breathtaking masterpiece’ Hazel Prior
‘Pacy, gripping and fast-moving … I literally could not put it down!’ Edel Coffey
‘Rarely has a writer affected me so deeply. Someone Like Her is an epic story of love, power and extraordinary courage’ A.J. West

Multan, Pakistan. A conservative city where an unmarried woman over the age of twenty-five is considered a curse by her family.
Ayesha is twenty-seven. Independent and happily single, she has evaded an arranged marriage because of her family's reduced circumstances. When she catches the eye of powerful, wealthy Raza, it seems like the answer to her parents' prayers. But Ayesha is in love with someone else, and when she refuses to give up on him, Raza resorts to unthinkable revenge…
Ayesha travels to London to rebuild her life and there she meets Kamil, an emotionally damaged man who has demons of his own. They embark on a friendship that could mean salvation for both of them, but danger stalks Ayesha in London, too. With her life thrown into turmoil, she is forced to make a decision that could change her and everyone she loves forever.
Exquisitely written, populated by unforgettable characters and rich with poignant, powerful themes, Someone Like Her is a story of love and family, of corruption and calamity, of courage and hope … and one woman's determination to thwart convention and find peace, at whatever cost…

‘Khan brings passion and a clear eye to this compelling story of female defiance in the face of corruption and violence. If you’re a fan of Khaled Hosseini … this is for you’ Paul Waters

 ‘A heart-rending and compelling story. Khan treats his characters with love and respect. I couldn’t put it down’ Alice Clark-Platts
‘Breaks your heart but then gradually heals it’ Mira V Shah
‘A dark and frightening story of corruption, oppression, possession and violence yet is beautifully and sensitively written by a brave, bold author’ Michael Wood

‘Tackles deep-rooted societal issues with brutal yet touching honesty’ A.A. Chaudhuri
‘An excellent storyteller’ Soniah Kamal
‘An epic story of love, abuse and revenge … an emotional rollercoaster as Awais Khan confronts societal injustices with unflinching honesty’ Eve Smith
‘Khan lays bare the trauma of women, relegated to second-class citizenship in this compelling tale of brutality and bravery. First-class writing’ Marion Todd
‘Tender and powerful … his best yet’ Sonia Velton
‘Compelling, painful and defiant’ Elyse John
‘Arguably Khan's best work’ Pakistan Daily
‘Kept me turning the pages late into the night’ Aliya Ali-Afzal
‘A gripping and emotive story of ambition, resilience and love’ Heleen Kist
‘Insightful storytelling’ Faiqa Mansab
‘Both timely and timeless’ Saba Karim Khan

Someone Like Her

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