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'Phenomenal! A book worthy of a standing ovation. I will never forget how this novel made me feel. It's effortlessly beautiful' LIZZIE DAMILOLA BLACKBURN, author of Yinka, Where Is Your Huzband?

'A dazzling delight ... I didn't want it to end!' COCO MELLORS, author of Cleopatra and Frankenstein

Sometimes you need to clash to make an impact.

Bianca Bridge is like an eyeshadow palette. She's a vibrant kaleidoscope of big personality and even bigger dreams, with a tendency towards messiness and fallout. Case in point: ruining her career prospects and hopes of becoming a writer by having an affair with a married government minister.

Fiercely confident and uncompromising, her tyrannical new boss Obadiah Cortland - makeup artist and legend in Trinidad's beauty scene - is like a statement red lipstick. 'The God of Good Looks' is a facade he has perfected over years of slipping through the island's rigid class barriers, and he knows as well as Bianca that the tiniest smudge can ruin your image.

When Bianca's ex threatens both their futures, this clashing combination must find a way to work together to save everything they care about. But might they actually bring out the best in each other?

Sparkling, big-hearted and life-affirming, The God of Good Looks is a story about prejudice and pride, the masks we wear and who we can become if we dare to take them off.

'A glittering will-they, won't-they Bridget Jones re-boot' NIKKI MAY, author of Wahala

'Full of characters whose struggles you feel to your bones - and will be rooting for all the way through. Bianca might just be one of my all-time favourite heroines. Fresh, smart, and packed with razor-sharp social commentary-a perfect blend of page-turning and thought-provoking' CAROLINE MACKENZIE, author of One Year of Ugly

The God of Good Looks

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