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Million-copy bestseller Joanne Harris returns to fantasy this summer with a spellbinding modern fairytale following a young photographer through the secret layers of London as he discovers an entire world captured in the negatives, one where a magic war, a lost prince, and an epic romance are waiting to be found...

Have you ever felt as if you were not quite a part of this world? As if the reality you knew were only a shadow of something else, waiting to reveal itself, like a photographic negative? Have you ever been in love - a love beyond doubt, beyond question? A love that feels impossibly old, though her face is that of a stranger?

Tom is a photographer. Orphaned, lonely, lost in his work, he has no intention of falling in love. And yet, love finds him in the shape of beautiful Vanessa, who lives a dangerous double life in the heart of London's King's Cross.

Tom's pursuit of Vanessa leads him to discover an alternate world, hiding in plain sight among the streets and rooftops of London; a world unseen by common folk and inhabited by strange and colourful beings, in which two warring factions - one of night, one of light - wage war for the sake of a long-lost love and a prince of sun and starlight.

Praise for Joanne Harris:

'Moving and brilliant' Daily Mail

'Dreamy' Metro

'Magical, poignant, and wholly transporting' Publishers Weekly

'Thought-provoking and evocative'



The Moonlight Market - SIGNED

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