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These Delicious Things is a collection of nostalgic food memories and recipes from more than 100 of the UK’s top chefs and food writers. Published to support children living in food poverty, it is proof that when people give a piece of themselves for the benefit of others, incredible things can happen.


This is both a cookbook and a story book filled with childhood memories and scrumptious feasts. And it’s a book that wants to make a difference by supporting Magic Breakfast, a charity whose aim is to feed children living with food insecurity so they’re not too hungry to learn.


With recipes for every occasion and time of day, These Delicious Things provides elevated versions of well known favourites that will impress even the toughest (and smallest) of critics.


Featuring household names such as Raymond Blanc, Nigella Lawson, Jeremy Lee, Tom Kerridge, Rachel Khoo, Gennaro Contaldo, Yolam Ottolenghi, Jamie Oliver, and many more – These Delicious Things is the perfect book for variety and well-loved favourites. Recipes include Homemade Apple Pie, Wild Rabbit Korma, and even an Apricot sidecar cocktail.


Today in the UK there are 4 million children at risk of hunger. That's one in four children who don't have enough to eat. Magic Breakfast provides breakfasts for children and young people in the most disadvantaged areas of the UK, fuelling their learning, growth and futures. Having breakfast every morning has real life impacts for children, from achieving better grades to displaying improved behaviour. Breakfast also has genuine effects on communities, helping families and providing a lifeline at a time of uncertainty fuelled by the cost of living crisis. For just 28p, Magic Breakfast can give a child a nutritious breakfast and the chance to succeed at school.


Written by the chefs we know and trust, with the future generation in mind, These Delicious Things makes cooking for a cause a pleasure for all.

These Delicious Things

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