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This spine-tingling collection of spooky stories features over 20 eerie tales from across the globe. Discover bewitching retellings of ghost- and monster-filled myths regaled with ghoulish relish and journey continent-by-continent through this haunting book.


With shocks and twists like you wouldn’t believe - are you brave enough to read them all?


Packed with mind-boggling mysteries, real unexplained enigmas and traditional stories that are sure to send shivers down your spine, Spooky Stories of the World is the ultimate feast for Halloween-loving kids and readers in search of a fright. Meet vampires, werewolves and fearsome monsters that hide in the shadows in this one-of-a-kind round-the-world collection of hair-raising tales.


Inside Spooky Stories of the World:

- More than 20 fang-tastic stories from around the world featuring both traditional tales and unexplained mysteries from modern times
- Arranged continent by continent with spooky illustrations, original artwork and additional creepy characters for readers to look out for on their travels
- Chilling tales include: The Vampire Skeleton (Canada and USA), The Luz Mala (Argentina), The Basilisk of Vilnius (Lithuania), The Bite of the Queen Rat (UK), The Fox Sister (South Korea), The Ghost on Pinjarra Bridge (Australia), The Devouring Gourd (East Africa)


Spooky Stories of the World is the much-anticipated follow-up to Myths and Legends of the World. Written by British-Guyanese author and professional storyteller Wendy Shearer, and beautifully illustrated by Teo Georgiey, this is the perfect book for curious kids in search of a creepy kick to their reading list and is probably best read with the lights left on... 


Spooky Stories of the World

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