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A disenchanted man struggles to get beyond the first chapter of the books he’s writing, and to separate fact from fiction in his own life. His friend’s suicide changes everything … The mind-blowing, heart-rending new thriller from cult bestselling author Will Carver.

‘Ambitious, dark and funny … a compelling and thought-provoking book from a highly talented writer. Bravo!’ Mike Gayle

‘One of the most exciting authors in Britain’ Daily Express

'Unflinching, blunt and brutal, Carver's originality knows no bounds. Simply brilliant' Sam Holland


Eli Hagin can’t finish anything.

He hates his job, but can’t seem to quit. He doesn’t want to be with his girlfriend, but doesn’t know how end things with her, either. Eli wants to write a novel, but he’s never taken a story beyond the first chapter.

Eli also has trouble separating reality from fiction.

When his best friend kills himself, Eli is motivated, for the first time in his life, to finally end something himself, just as Mike did…

Except sessions with his therapist suggest that Eli’s most recent ‘first chapters’ are not as fictitious as he had intended … and a series of text messages that Mike received before his death point to something much, much darker…


‘Gave me nightmares … I loved it’ S J Watson

‘Brutal and brilliant' Lisa Hall

'Challenging, perceptive and unexpectedly enlightening' Sarah Sultoon

'Will Carver is a unique writer. I loved Suicide Thursday' Greg Mosse

Suicide Thursday

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