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A new title in the Buster Backpack series, this full-colour activity book combines fun puzzles with over 100 fascinating facts.

Did you know ...

Every cheetah's coat has about 2,000 spots in a completely unique pattern.

A strawberry is the only fruit which has its seeds on the outside.

Most stars live for billions of years.

Featuring beautiful, full-colour illustrations by artist Amber Davenport, this is the perfect book to keep kids aged 7+ entertained for hours on end at home or on holiday.

The book is packed with over 80 puzzles, including wordsearches, spot-the-differences, matching silhouettes, odd-ones-out and much more. With over 100 facts on a range of topics from space and sports to inventions and animals, there are plenty of amazing things for kids to discover and learn about while they complete the activities.

The Amazing Activity Factopedia

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