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'Breathless, exciting debut.' SUNDAY TIMES, Best new crime books of 2022

‘Beautifully observed.' DAILY MAIL

'Liz Webb creates a dark tangled web in The Daughter.' IRISH INDEPENDENT

'Totally engrossing.' JO BRAND

'A must read.' SOPHIE HANNAH, author of HAVEN'T THEY GROWN

'Move over Paula Hawkins, there is a new thriller Queen in town.' CATHERINE YARDLEY, author of EMBER

'Like peeling the juiciest onion; Liz serves up, delicious layer after layer, an absolute delight of dark revelations.' GORDON J BROWN, author of ANY DAY NOW

'A compelling, darkly amusing debut.' CD MAJOR, author of THE OTHER GIRL


I lean in and whisper the question I have never let myself utter in twenty-three years.

"Dad, did you murder Mum?"


Hannah Davidson has a dementia-stricken father, an estranged TV star brother, and a mother whose death opened up hidden fault lines beneath the surface of their ordinary family life.


Now the same age that Jen Davidson was when she was killed, Hannah realises she bears an uncanny resemblance to her glamorous mother, and when her father begins to confuse them she is seriously unnerved.


Determined to uncover exactly what happened to her mum, Hannah begins to exploit her arresting likeness, but soon the boundaries between Hannah and her mother become fatally blurred.

The Daughter

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