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Bees are enigmatic creatures that have long attracted human admiration and fascination. But even more than that, they are a key lynchpin in the workings of the entire natural world. And we’re not just talking about honey bees.

There are over 20,000 species of bees worldwide and only a handful of those actually make honey. Some live in colonies but others are solitary. We can all help protect them – and they desperately need protecting – but you can’t save what you don’t love. And you can’t love what you don’t know.

The Good Bee is a celebration of this most vital and mysterious of nature’s wizards. Here you’ll discover the complexities of bee behaviour – as well as the intriguing bits that continue to baffle us – the part they play in the natural world, their relationship with us throughout history, how they are already under serious threat, and, crucially, what we can all do about it.

Beautifully produced, with hand-made illustrations throughout, this is an essential handbook and a book to treasure.



The Good Bee: A Celebration of Bees – And How to Save Them

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