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An exquisitely written tale of resilience and reckoning, with female protagonists that are just the right blend of compassion and simmering rebellion -- SONIA VELTON, author of 'Blackberry and Wild Rose'

An intricate, detailed and beautifully written story of the women of Eyam. It's vivid and poetic, powerfully building tension as their secrets unravel. -- JENNIFER SAINT, Sunday times bestselling author of 'Ariadne'

Artfully written and nuanced, The Hemlock Cure is a carefully researched take on Eyam's sad history, with a rich cast of characters that keep you turning the page.

-- SUSAN STOKES-CHAPMAN, author of 'Pandora'

In a wholly original take on the Eyam story, Joanne Burn's elegant prose, rich in authentic detail, results in a rewarding and timely read -- SARAH BURTON, author of 'The Strange Adventures of H'

Lyrically written, The Hemlock Cure propels the reader into the seventeenth-century world of potions and mystery. These are not powerless women but women with their own sense of ambition and destiny. -- RHIANNON WARD, author of 'The Quickening'

Spellbinding and profound, The Hemlock Cure is a dazzling act of reclamation of the truth of women's lives. Burn writes beautifully about female courage and retribution, of the ties that make and bind a family, and different ways of belonging. This is a compassionate and intensely moving novel that is rich in meaning and hugely resonant for our own plague-struck era.

-- NIKKI MARMERY, author of 'On Wilder Seas'

Set against the backdrop of Eyam's famous plague, this page-turning novel delves deep into danger. The darkest threats, we learn, come not from illness or contagion, but from cruelties encompassed by those closest to us. The juxtaposition of external and internal threats - the disease that prowls, the people who share your home - creates a growing tension that had me turning pages late into the night. And the writing is beautiful - its delicacy and precision creating a strong sense of place - full of scents, sounds and texture.

-- ANNIE GARTHWAITE, author of 'Cecily'

A beautiful, bewitching and powerful tale of brave women's lives. I absolutely loved it. -- ROZ WATKINS, author of 'The Devil's Dice'

The Hemlock Cure

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