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Would you risk the future to change the past?


Luna, Konstantin and Aidan are time-travelling thieves working for The Butterfly Club.

When they are asked to steal a little-known painting called the Mona Lisa, Aidan can only think of one man who can make things disappear – the magician, Harry Houdini. And as luck would have it, Houdini cannot resist a challenge.


The three children and Houdini travel to 1911 Paris where they face an impossible task – stealing a painting right off the wall of the fortress-like Louvre Museum.


As Houdini prepares for the theft, a heist which will require him to pull off his greatest ever trick, the time-thieves realise that the Mona Lisa is smiling because she holds a secret. Her creator, Leonardo Da Vinci, hid mysterious codes within the painting.


The race is on to solve the puzzle in time...

The Mona Lisa Mystery

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