'The narrative twists with ironic relish' Sunday Times Crime Club

'Thrillingly vicious. I loved it' Luke Jennings, author of the Killing Eve series

'Wickedly entertaining' Gabriel Bergmoser

'A dark and funny page-turner' Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, author of Liar

A serial killer is on the loose. Each victim is found tied to a chair with a baby doll glued to their hands, the word 'mother' carved into their forehead like a mark of Cain.

Stowed away between the wax figurines of the Bible museum where she works, Sheila Heller knows both victims. She suspects the killings have something to do with a pact their group all made at university - to never have children.

What Sheila doesn't know is who is committing these gruesome acts of ritualistic violence, and whether she herself might be the next target.

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