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There's no way back from paradise.

By the Sunday Times-bestselling author of The Last Day, this high-concept thriller will provoke and grip you from the very first page . . .

'Imaginative and intriguing ... Sucks you in and doesn't let you leave until the very last page' Anthony Horowitz
'Smoothly written, thought provoking ... with an effective shocker of an ending' Guardian
'The considerable pleasure of this novel is in the getting from here to there' The Times

Sanctuary Rock is a perfect place.

A remote island, owned by a wealthy philanthropist who is building a brand-new world on the ruins of the old one.

Ben only came to the island to bring his fiancée Cara home. But when he arrives, he is rapidly seduced by the vision of a better way of life, as described by the charismatic and mysterious Sir John.

Before long, he decides to stay.

But the island holds darker secrets than he could ever have suspected.

Then he learns the only route back to the mainland is about to close for good.

And his own life may be in terrible danger . . .


'Absolutely brilliant. I'm thinking it needs to be made into a movie!' Zoe Ball
'Gripping, unsettling and original. Andrew Hunter Murray is a fabulous storyteller.' Tim Harford
'Rich in imagination and stylishly written ... Totally absorbing.' Paul Burke, Crime Time FM



The Sanctuary

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