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In contemporary culture, there is no stronger imperative than to be authentic. But what does authenticity actually mean?


Everywhere we turn, we are urged to "live our truth": an element of Western culture that is almost never questioned. Authenticity in all its contexts is becoming more significant than ever as digital culture breeds fakery and capitalism offers the illusion of infinite choice.

In this climate, finding and being yourself is a more complex idea than it sounds - one that should not necessarily be taken as doctrine.


In this set of six sharp, lively essays, the writer and journalist Emily Bootle explores how authenticity has pervaded every facet of our culture, from modern celebrity and identity politics to Instagram captions and wellness. Blending pop culture and philosophy, this book dismantles the ideology surrounding being ourselves at all costs, and questions what fuels our authenticity obsession.

This Is Not Who I Am - SIGNED!

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